Arctic 2010

The High Arctic in July 2010

An abundance of:

— Dramatic landscapes in a harsh environment;

— The vastness and barrenness;

— The unforgiving land, weather, animals;

— Sea ice and icebergs;

— Long days and sea fog;

— Informative speakers and fascinating conversations;

— Fabulous food if you liked fish (not so much for this veg-head);

— Innumerable nice people; many interesting;

— Good friends and friendly companions.

In early June, before Jazz, Folk and Fringe festivals, I went out to supper with my friend Ivy. She had been my head tech at WinRose Animal Hospital. She left soon after I had sold the practice; she had gone onto become a graphic designer; and is now a tattoo artist. That was one expensive meal. About six weeks later, Ivy, her Toronto friend Adrienne and I joined Adventure Canada on a ten day nature cruise to Greenland and the high Arctic (even at half price, the Arctic is expensive to get to and travel in — the four star Danish ship was very nice).

Ivy and I flew to Toronto, charter flight into Kangerlussuag, Greenland and boarded the “Clipper Adventurer” to head north to Ilulissat.

There we saw up close the huge icebergs from Zodiacs before walking to the fjord to sit in awe above the packed ice patterns – amazing, memorable, magical. This spectacle in ice was the highlight of the trip for me, and it exceeded my memories from my trip 18 years ago.

Across Davis Strait to the east coast of Baffin Island. We called into two Inuit communities where we walked, talked, observed, learnt and absorbed the friendliness, cooperation, toughness and kindness of the people. Zodiac trips along the shore and landings to see polar bears, seals, whales, thousands of birds, a wonderful variety of flowers and Inuit archaeological sites.

Ivy, Adrienne and I has such fun together, alone, and with our fellow eighty passengers and twelve resource staff. We shared observations, stories, information, jokes, photos, friendship and fun. The resource staff were excellent – informed, instructional, considered, inspiring and thought-provoking. Lots of good discussions. The expression for this trip was: “Don’t get me started.” And my friends are wonderful travel companions. A good trip.

Five images that caught my attention are available at picasa.

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