Lea’s travel stories and adventures

25 04 2010

I love Winnipeg and I love to travel.

Winnipeg is filled with concerts and festivals especially during winter and summer. Also, there is my home, work, movies, friends, sunshine in my sunny living room with the cats and books. In winter, there is the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s regular classical series and in February the weeklong New Music Festival; the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra; opera and ballet; popular music concerts at the new MTS arena (that has surprisingly excellent acoustics); and the high definition video satellite broadcasts from The Metropolitan Opera. In summer, we are kept busy with the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Jazz Winnipeg Festival and Fringe Festival. During the mostly sunny days, we have excellent cross country skiing and cycling, which are always friendly if rather flat; for us, a highway overpass is a steep climb.

With all this going on in Winnipeg, (and I do have a busy day job) it’s hard to get away to other parts of Canada or other countries, but a couple of times of year, I do carry an engrossingly large novel and dare to get onto a plane to explore, enjoy, discover and delight in some of the less frequented areas of our world. On the other pages of this website, I have told my stories about my recent trips with some photographs. Where relevant, I have included the link to other photos on Picasa. I hope you enjoy my adventures and observations.