Cyprus LD 2010

My main reason for visiting Cyprus, both the Greek south and Turkish north was Lawrence Durrell. He wrote ‘Justine’ while living in Bellapais, and, later, he described his adventures and misadventures in ‘Bitter Lemons.’ I spent three hours walking around this beautiful village which is located above Nicosia. It is a lovely village but now too pretty, too touristy, too Turkish and way too British. LD would be horrified and unable to afford its current inflated prices; I was both enchanted and dismayed.

Here are some of my images of Bellapais and the house in which Lawrence Durrell lived.

Nicosia or Girne from Bellapais

Bellapais Cathedral from the main square with the Tree of Idleness

The Annual Bellapais Music Festival poster

Bellapais Cathedral

The chapel of the Bellapais Cathedral

Bellapais Cathedral

Lawrence Durrell's house from the top of the Cathedral

"Bitter Lemon Street" leading up the hill to LD's house

Lawrence Durrell's house

Lawrence Durrell's house

The door of LD's house with "Bitter Lemons" plaque

The "Bitter Lemons" plaque

The back door of LD's house alongside Frango's house

The back door of LD's house with its "Bitter Lemons" iron label

The Bellapais Cathedral from the elevation of LD's house

Bellapais from the top of the Cathedral

The tourist car & bus parking area

Tourists heading to the Bellapais Cathedral

The old carob mill

Bouganvilliae outside a 'British' restaurant

The Tree of Idleness

The old carob mill stone

The old carob mill stone

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